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Amjad Abdel-Fattah general manager

Amjad Abdel-Fattah general manager

Hunting has been side by side with man since life has started in our planet and history held for us stories and tales about hunting as fun, passion of adventure and discovery of innermost of human beings.

Hunting in Hungary has a different taste where the beauty of nature, variety of seasons and the wheel of time adds to the hunting journey self- delight and gives it rest and happiness in addition to that nature richness in a variety of animals.

My long experience in the world of hunting since youth has pushed me to dive deeper into the details of this Humanitarian journey. I have organized programs for those who were fond of this kind of art of journeys and this destination of interests.

Hunting is a passion of courage, relief of daily life routine, opportunity for relaxation and meditation within the fascinating nature and very precise organization which takes into consideration time and different tastes in addition to providing all hunting accessories.

After all people remember that they have spent a great time in Hungary the mermaid of Danube.

We provide hunting programmes tailored to our customers’ individual needs, experience and skills.

For your piece of mind for you to enjoy your hunting experience we provide the following services

  • Provision of Hunting Permits
  • Provision of mandatory hunting Insurance
  • Provide letters of invitation as required
  • Provision of gun permits for guests from non EU countries
  • Provision of detailed route map for guests who are driving their own vehicles to the hunting grounds
  • Provide you with a high class limousine or air condtioned bus transfer from the airport to the hunting grounds and accommodation.
  • Provide you with off-road vehicles for hunting
  • Provide you with a professional hunting guide in order to enhance your experience
  • Provision of cartridges for hunting small game
  • Book your 1st class accommodation at or nearby the hunting grounds.
  • Provide you with an interpreter on request
  • Prepare and package your trophies for travel
  • Carry out the mandatory trophy evaluation
  • Arrange your trophies to be shipped by post to your home or by other method of delivery as requested
  • Arrange a vetinary surgeon clearance for clients from non EU countries and prepare prelimanry customs clearance documentation
  • Delegate a member of our team to be present at all times during the hunting programme to advise/oversee as required
  • We can organise supplementary programmes for hunters and family members/friends during their stay in Hungary.
  • These could include: Short trips to surrounding villages to complete the trip with cultural programs.
  • A vist to a Thermal baths in order to relax those aching muscles after a hard day.
  • There are numerous cultural and folklore events which can give you an insite to our rich cultural heritage not to mention savouring our famous cuisine and of course horse riding.
  • A visit to the city of Budapest and a trip along our famous Danube River.
  • If you are hunting near Lake Balaton then you could take the opportunity to visit europes largest lake.
  • We settle accounts at the end of the hunting programme and make out the invoice for the programme based on the prices quoted.




50 % of the country’s territory is flatland. From a geographical point of view, the country can be divided into 6 regions: Southern Great Plain (Alföld), Small Plain (Kisalföld), Transdanubian range (Dunántúli-középhegység), Transdanubian ridge (Dunántúli – dombság), Northern range. The Great Plain occupies the entire eastern half of the country and the small Plain lies along the north –west border. A range of mountains of medium height stretches accross the country. West of the Danube, the Transdanubian range is 400-700 m high. Visitors to South-western Hungary find a varied landscape. The Northern range rises to to heights of 500-1000 meters. Hungary’s highest point is the Kékes (1014 m). The two most important rivers, the Danube and the Tisza flow accross the country from the north to south. The lake Balaton is not only Hungary’s, but Central Europe’s longest lake as well. The forests, fields and riverbanks hold many suprises for hunters, birdwatchers and nature phtographers.


The climate is temperate continental: the summer is warm, the winter is cold. The warmest month is July. The average temperature in this month is 21.7 C. The coldest month is January with an average temperature of -1,2 C. The annual hours of sunshine are between 1800-22050. The annual rainfall in the middle of the Great Plain is between 500-550 mm, int he mountains of medium height 600-800 mm. The heaviest rainfall is at the end of autumn to the start of winter. The least rain is during summer time.


Hungary’s international airport is Ferihegy Airport in Budapest, which receives scheduled flights from 48 cities, 32 countries. The airport has two terminals: 2A and 2B. Terminal 2A is for flights to/from SCHENGEN countries and 2B for NON SCHENGEN countries.




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