Price Lists

You are kindly requested to carefully read the general information before studying our price list.

In case of bringing down a trophy game ( with the exception of the wild boar) the guest hunter is expected to accept a difference of maximum 315 % in comparison to the trophy size specified in the hunting contract.

When the hunting ends, each and every game bagged along with the services received – as the basis of the payment- will be taken up in a shooting list which then will be signed by both parties.

Before signing the shooting list, would you please check the correctness of the given data, as we do not accept any complaint at a later date. Therefore, any comment or claim is advised to be indicated in the shooting list.

Our price list is based on EUR currency and the payment should be settled in EUR, but we also accept every convertible currency. The invoice can be settled either on the site, or by cheque or bank transfer. The prices in our price list include Value Added Tax (VAT), but in case of a trophy export into non-EU member countries the rate of tax is zero percent (O%).

The right of price modification is reserved.

With Hunter Greetings: Royal Wings Ltd.

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