sustainable Wildlife

The Sustainable Wildlife Management (SWM) Programme is a major international initiative that aims to improve wildlife conservation and food security. We are developing innovative, collaborative and scalable new approaches to conserve wild animals and protect ecosystems, whilst at the same time improving the livelihoods of indigenous peoples and rural communities who depend on these resources.

Hunting in Hungary


Dear Hunting Guests!

Royal Wings Ltd is specialized in organizing private hunting tours all over Hungary. We are contracted partners of the largest and most experienced wild game management organizations from the Central-Danubian Region to the Southern Plains of Hungary.

Depending on your preferred game and time of the year, we are happy to welcome you for a successful hunting visit providing our comprehensive services from your arrival until the very last moment of your stay in Hungary. Upon receiving your inquiry either through our website or by whatsapp or phone we will be in touch with all the important information, so you will not have to worry about leaving out any details out from the plan.



Red Deer

The ”crowned king” of the Hungarian forests is indigenous in Europe and in the Middle East. You can find red deer in the biggest number in Western Europe, but Eastern Europe (specially Hungary) gives habitat for the world’s finest quality red deer population.

Fallow Deer

Many years ago the fallow deer was indigenous in Europe, but the last ice age caused its extinction here. Thanks to the resettlement you can find the fallow deer in Hungary again.The fallow deer lives in the forests in flat or mild hilly country cut up with agricultural fields.

Roe Buck

The second half of April is a very good opportunity to have an amazing Roe Buck hunt. On the other hand, their rut season can also be magical, starting from the end of July until mid August.


Mouflons are allowed to be hunted all year round as their number has grown quite decently in the last decades. The best season however is the winter. 

wild boar

Wild Boar hunting is really popular among Hungarian hunters. The most interesting is the well-organized driven hunt during the winter, but stalking at night or waiting for them from the high-stand is also a great option.

Brown Hare

Brown Hare hunting is probably the most special form of the driven hunts and requires high level of attention and precision. Similarly to the pheasant hunt, as is the case with a classic autumn/winter form of hunting, hunters in a larger group will be more successful.


The pheasant hunt season starts on the first day of October in Hungary. The participating hunters form a line approximately 20-40 meters from each other and the driving crew is driving the birds to their direction.


Mallard drives can be much more successful with a larger group of hunters. There are two best times of the day for hunting the Mallard: at dawn, when the birds are taking off from the lake, and at dusk, when the birds are landing back to the surface of the water.


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