Hunting in hungary

My long experience in the world of hunting since youth has pushed me to dive deeper into the details of this Humanitarian journey. I have organized programs for those who were fond of this kind of art of journeys and this destination of interests.

Hunting is a passion of courage, relief of daily life routine, opportunity for relaxation and meditation within the fascinating nature and very precise organization which takes into consideration time and different tastes in addition to providing all hunting accessories.

After all people remember that they have spent a great time in Hungary the mermaid of Danube.

We provide hunting programmes tailored to our customers’ individual needs, experience and skills.

Hunting has been side by side with man since life has started in our planet and history held for us stories and tales about hunting as fun, passion of adventure and discovery of innermost of human beings.

Hunting in Hungary has a different taste where the beauty of nature, variety of seasons and the wheel of time adds to the hunting journey self- delight and gives it rest and happiness in addition to that nature richness in a variety of animals.

VIP services included in the participation fee:

  • Hungarian Hunting Permit and Insurance
  • Letter of invitation if required
  • Luxury limousine transportation service through our affiliate Royal Limousine Ltd
  • Off-road vehicles during hunting
  • Professional hunting guide
  • Cartridges for small game hunting
  • Book your 1st class accommodation at or nearby the hunting grounds.
  • Personal assistance on the hunting field 
  • Trophy evaluation after successful hunting
  • Taxidermy, packaging and shipping your trophies for your home country
Additional activities for friends & family:
  • Sightseeing and programmes for family members and guests during your stay at the hunting field
  • Trips to surrounding villages to complete the trip with cultural programs
  • Visiting famous Hungarian Thermal Bath
  • Cultural and folklore events which can give you an insite to the rich hungarian cultural heritage 
  • Tasting the delicious and famous hungarian cuisine
  • Horse riding.
  • A visit to Budapest and a boat trip along the Danube River.
  • VIP Sailing trip with your own sailing boat on Lake Balaton