Brown Hare

Brown Hare hunting is probably the most special form of the driven hunts and requires high level of attention and precision. Similarly to the pheasant hunt, as is the case with a classic autumn/winter form of hunting, hunters in a larger group will be more successful. While hunting for the Brown Hare, hunters shall form a “U” shape on a larger piece of land and as they are walking between the furrows on the frozen ground, they are startling the animals, which will be running quickly towards either side of the “U” shape. Skilled hunters are normally placed at the open part of the “U”, a bit further away, to be in a good position for any Hares that would try to leave the field towards the open end. 

Hunting Season

Brown Hare

01 October – 31 December


Optimal amount of hunters: 6-10

Participation fee includes:

  1. Hungarian hunting license and insurance
  2. Off-road vehicles during the hunt
  • Hunting rifle usage
  1. Ammunition up to 100 pieces/hunter
  2. Fee of the pheasant driving crew and collection of the birds at the end of each drive