The pheasant hunt season starts on the first day of October in Hungary. The participating hunters form a line approximately 20-40 meters from each other and the driving crew is driving the birds to their direction. Normally a session consits 5-10 drives, depending on the terrain and the success rate of the hunters. The pheasant drive normally lasts for 4-5 hours with a coffee or lunch break on the field, a good plan can be to start the session at 9 AM and finish at 2 PM.

Hunting Season


01 October – 28 February


Minimum amount of daily bag payable: 300 birds

Optimal amount of hunters: 6-10

Participation fee includes:

  1. Hungarian hunting license and insurance
  2. Off-road vehicles during the hunt
  • Hunting rifle usage
  1. Ammunition up to 100 pieces/hunter
  2. Fee of the pheasant driving crew and collection of the birds at the end of each drive